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Kings Brothers Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry store located in the heart of Thornton, Colorado. We specialize in providing our customers with beautiful, high-quality jewelry pieces at affordable prices. 

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Felix Rivera Co-Founder

The jewelry business is my family's heart and soul. My father opened his first jewelry store in New York in the 60's. In 1974 he decided to move to be closer to family in Puerto Rico. Not long after moving to Puerto Rico, he reopened his business to serve customers and has been open ever since. I was raised and worked in that store learning the trade and the skills necessary to own and operate a jewelry store.

After hurricane Maria in 2017, my family had to move to Colorado. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to continue the family's decades-long tradition of serving customers with dedication through the jewelry business. Embracing the trade, we established our new jewelry store in Colorado. With great pride, we introduce to you, King Brothers Jewelers. We are thrilled to announce our location at 10265 Washington Street, Thornton Colorado 80229.​


Felix Rivera Jewelry Training

In 1988 I had the opportunity to study in the Technical Institute of Watchmaking of Puerto Rico. I did my apprenticeship in the center for Seiko Watches in Puerto Rico, and graduated top of my class. After that I worked in the RADO center in Puerto Rico, working on the RADO Swiss brand watches. All the while I was working for other jewelry stores and watch manufacturers, I was helping my father with his family business. In there I learned other skills like jewelry repair, custom design, stone setting, engraving and more. I also owned a jewelry store in Puerto Rico for many years. I have more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry business and cannot wait to put it to use to help you find a meaningful piece for your collection.

H. Gerardo Correa 

I have been friends and family with Felix Rivera since childhood. During the last 25 years we have been discussing how to open a successful jewelry business. I have a background as an engineer. I been running multiple successful business in Puerto Rico like Gerco Builders, Repair Max and Garage Correa for almost 30 years.


I have a deep understanding of operations, management, and customer satisfaction, which I believe will be invaluable in establishing our jewelry business. Over the years, Felix and I have meticulously studied the market trends, analyzed consumer preferences, and conducted extensive research on the jewelry industry. Combining my engineering expertise and business acumen with Felix's creative ideas, experience in the industry and passion for design, we are confident that we can create a unique and thriving jewelry brand.

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